Corporate Art team bonding/Workshops

JT International Tobacco Services (Singapore) P/L Recently had an event in November with Astrid at Fort Canning Singapore, where they just wanted to have fun and a cultural immersion into the arts. Their brief was to explore who they were on a deeper level with the help of their team members. So each team member added a little to each other’s portraits so each portrait was a combination of the whole team’s assessment of each person. It was fun and everyone was surprised with the outcome. Next they had to explore who each person was at work and the role they played. These were painted onto large canvasses which you can see. Astrid gave many demonstrations and guided each team along the way. The paintings turned out very contemporary and abstract with everyone enjoying the creativity and using the language of art to convey their feelings instead of words. Using the right side of the brain puts you in touch with your heart!

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